Work vs. creative execution

Sometimes it just doesn’t feel right to call it “work”.  Especially with all its "compulsory" and "9-to-5" connotations.
We really love what we do.
We explore. We play. We build.

Current job openings

We are currently looking for:
Video editor and visual storyteller
- Impossible People Software engineer

If you are a designer or an engineer and want to talk to us about working together contact

Creative healthy lifestyle

Creative Healthy Lifestyle is our company culture (incubated in KwameCorp - now Impossible Labs). We believe that people are more productive when they are autonomous, happy, and healthy. We therefore promote a flexible working environment. That means no fixed hours, no fixed location, no fixed vacations, no fixed task list. With freedom comes responsibility, and we trust our people to respect this freedom. We want the people who work with us to look back at their working life, and smile.

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